Newton Residence

FDG was hired by the home owner to completely redesign this steeply sloping site on a very visible thoroughfare in Newton. Retaining walls, fencing, swimming pool, outdoor kitchen were all neatly and gracefully designd to nestle into the steep slope. 

South Natick Residence

FGD was hire to renovate the backyard of a new residence in South Natick. The home owner was interested in a large outdoor entertainment space as well as an active outdoor space for their two young girls. A large pation, outdoor kitchen, wood burning fire pit and hot tub were all incorporated along with a large lawn and generous planting design.

Newton Residence

This residence in Newton recently underwent a complete renovation and addition project. The renovation included a heated driveway, patio, main entrance walk and steps and plantings.

Carlisle Residence

This residence in Carlisle recently underwent a complete renovation. After the house was done, the local building inspector denied a Certificate of Occupancy to the Owners because the front door egress did not meet code. Fisher Design Group was hired to provide a code compliant and elegant entrance to the house. Utilizing on site stone (the site is dramatically sited in a ledge filled site), Christophe Peter Stone Work crafted a new stone retaining wall and radial bluestone steps. A master plan for the entire site is in process looking at a potential tennis court, new garage, patios and walks.

Weston Residence

Fisher Design Group was hired to provide a master landscape plan and design details for a major addition/renovation project in Weston, MA. The project required a completely new landscape concept and installation as the entire site was demolished during construction. A new circular driveway edged with granite cobble, bluestone patios and walkways, an outdoor kitchen, new england field stone retaining walls, accent plantings and irrigation were all completed.
Previous backyard above, new images below
Carlisle Residence:

The main palette of materials include A contemporary residence nestled in the woods near Great Brook Farm was constructed with the main entrance located behind the garage and out of view to visitors and guests. Fisher Design Group was consulted to provide a site plan and design details make the walk to the hidden front door open and inviting Working with LandscapeVisions, the constrained side walkway was expanded with an artisan stone wall, bluestone pavers, pedestrian lighting and sculptures.
Existing entrance to front door behind garage
Newly created portal to guide family and friends to front door
Existing walk sequence to front door
Continuation of path to front door
Existing path to front door
New walk from front door
"Skittles", the entry beacon.
Wall detail

Maynard, Massachusetts:

Fisher Design Group was called upon to provide a master plan and design details for a residence in Maynard. Working with Manning Tree and Landscape, the site is transforming from a small, typical urban landscape into an urban oasis. The main palette of materials include new england field stone for the walls, thermal bluestone for patios and wall caps, dense plantings for privacy, accent lighting, irrigation and stone paver driveway. The construction is now complete. Spring clean-up, irrigation start up and plant material review will happen in the Spring of 2013. Also, a sealant to protect the concrete paver driveway and the horizontal bluestone will be applied to protect the surfaces.

Additional Images
Private Residence, Concord, MA
Private Residence, Concord, MA
Private Residence, Concord, MA
Front entry
Back patio

Private Residence, Concord, MA
Private Residence, Lexington, MA

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