has over twenty years of experience in the commercial, healthcare, and senior living sectors. Our work ranges in scale from small ADA accessibility improvements to major site planning and design projects.


The Wheelhouse in Bradford Mill, Concord, MA

Existing automobile court
Renovation in progress
Courtyard will provide outdoor space for Wheelhouse tenants for work and socializing.

A trellis made from timbers from the mill, local stone for the stone walls, bluestone seat walls and a granite water feature as white noise will be available year round. The plaza will be ADA accessible along the serpentine walk and wooden ramp to the main outdoor deck.
Commercial Office Building, Westborough, MA
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Commercial Office Building, Westborough, MA
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Commercial Office Building, Waltham, MA
(while @LWDA, Inc.)
LEED Silver Office Building, Waltham, MA
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Hospitals and Senior Living:
Rehabilitation Hospital, Woburn, MA
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Continuing Care Retirement Community, Dementia Unit, North Andover, MA
(while @LWDA, Inc)
Assisted Living Facility, Winchester, MA
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Mary Ann Morse Rehabilitation Center, Natick, MA

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ADA Accessibility
Irregular Surfaces Therapy Area
Socialization Area
D'Youville Transitional Care, Lowell, MA

Outdoor Therapy Area
Main Entrance and Canopy
Private Outdoor Courtyards off Hospice Rooms

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